Club Champions 2014

Women's Section

Setford Cup (Ladies' Championship)

Winner Jill Taylor, Runner up Joyce Brookes

Joyce and Jill  

Joyce Brookes (L) and Jill Taylor

Moores Cup

Winner Joyce Brookes, Runner up Petrina Matthews


Joyce Brookes (L) and Petrina Matthews

Harris Cup

Winner Cissie Avery, Runner up Mollie Hoxey

Mollie and Cissie 

Mollie Hoxey (L) and Cissie Avery

100 Up

Winner Joyce Brookes, Runner up Jill Taylor

Ladies Pairs

Winners Mavis White and Sheila Marshall, runners up Cissie Avery and Irene Watkins

Men's Section

 A very successful season for David Brookes this year...

Slape Cup (Men's Championship)

Winner David Brookes, Runner up Jack Chernin

Hewat Cup

Winner John Wilkinson, Runner up Mike Matthews

Duke of Buckingham

Winner Neil Landsman, Runner up Dusty Miller

Neil and Dusty 

Neil Landsman(L) and Dusty Miller

100 Up

Winner David Brookes, runner up John Wilkinson

Hooper Rose Bowl

Winner David Brookes, Runner up Dusty Miller

Men's Two Wood Competition

Winner Mike Smith, Runner up John Wilkinson

John on the left and Mike Smith 

John Wilkinson (L) and Mike Smith

Brymay Trophy

Winners Jack Chernin and Bill Priddy, Runners up David Brookes and Roger Akehurst

Ivy Lunn Cup (Club Championship)

Winner Davis Brookes, Runner up Jim Taylor

David (l) and Jim 

David Brookes (L) and Jim Taylor

Frank Mills Trophy (Mixed Pairs)

Winners Jim and Jill Taylor, Runners up Joyce and David Brookes

Jim and Jill Taylor 

Jill (L) and Jim Taylor